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Book: ‘Blue chrysanthemum’ Carol Chapek,
Film: ‘Vertigo’
Theatre play: ‘The Bacchae’/’Bahantkinje’
Exhibition: ‘Long Live Life’/’Ziveo zivot’

National Theatre
Director: Stafan Valdemar Holm
Writer: Euripid
Mark: * * * * *

When I say ‘theatre’, this is the kind of play which I have in mind. Classical Euripid’s tragedy, done in spectacular style, with brilliant actors, costumes, script, and above all – with brilliant director. Mr Holm took care about everything – the most visible is his work with actors. Everything is perfectly said, every sentence is carefully pronounced.
Slobodan Bestic is my favorite actor (and a hotshot, I might say), and he is dominant on a scene, even when he has a small role.   
Radmila Zivkovic looks really scary in a final scene, like the mother who butchered her child is supposed to look, which makes the ending unforgettable.
On faculty, I loved to read Greek tragedies and I was missing them in a theatre.  The topics in them, passion, needs, urges… are the real topics of life.  

In Robna kuca at Knez Mihailova street
Mark: * * * * *

The theme is emotional atmosphere of the old Yugoslavia.
The authors wanted to transfer us into the old times, with this interactive art project. One has a possibility to watch interesting documentaries, to smell apple pie, burned milk, famous perfumes Pino Silvestre and Bulgarian rose… You also may guess what objects are in black boxes (yo-yo, curlers, tern, marbles…), taste original C coffee, hear sounds which remind us to the past… And many other things.
Dominant emotional tone of the exhibition is Yugo-nostalgic.
I really am not one of these people. I don’t appreciate any kind of nostalgia.
But, the exhibition is worth to be seen. The authors put a lot of effort to show us bright side of the past. Every generation will have different experience of the exhibition. I enjoyed in recollecting some memories and in reading old erotic magazines ‘Chik’ and ‘Adam and Eve’, and especially while I was reading comic book ‘Mirko and Slavko’. But, at the end of episode was the always unwanted remark  – ‘to be continued’.
Some things are to be continued and some belong to the past. And that’s how it should be.    

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Leading roles: James Stewart, Kim Novak
Mark: * * * * *

Psycho-thriller, with elements of love story.
I saw some parts of this movie before, but never saw it as a whole peace.
Hitchcock is a master, even in a psychedelic love story. Kim Novak knows how to transform from classy lady to simple small town actress. Her transformation is not only in different close and hair. It is in whole appearance. James Stewart is often Hitchcock’s choice. He looks ordinary and simple, but he perfectly fits into the role.
Elements of the mystery are present: acrophobia, strange behavior, vertigo, obsession…
All the time you feel that something is wrong, but you can’t figure it out what it is.
Good old Hitchcock. We miss him, in the age of plastic-virtual-boring Hollywood.

Story collection
Carol Chapek
Mark: * * * * *

This author is classical, but I discovered him recently. I enjoyed in his short stories, which bring us to the early 20th century.
World about we are reading is naive and simple in a way, but on the other side – man is man, and he has all strange and funny characteristics like a modern man. Stories contain the elements of journalistic writing, criminal stories, fantasy, grotesque, humor…  
The best quality of the book is author’s sensitivity for the people and their strangeness. Writers who have a gift of empathy give us more in their art pieces.

And, as one emphatic reader, I appreciate it. 


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