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The authors of this blog are ‘writer’ and ‘photographer’ and we’ll let them stay anonymous ;)
Blog/web-site is complex and professionally done.

At first glance, blog looks complicated because it contains three sections:
1) Photographs, called ‘Filthy feet photos’, 2) ‘The Peanut Society of Lucubrators’ is an upside down initiative, producing almost-weekly articles spanning literary surrealism, travel, ideas for life, interviews, social evolution and alternative career inspiration, and 3) ‘The PsofL Letter Writing Revival’, the section which promotes communication by letter in a bold, modern style that disregards convention.

The photographer is searching for forgotten corners, backstreet scenes, discovers abandoned beauty in urban decay and off the beaten track.  
Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade with socio-realistic architectural remains (and present) are perfect cities for accomplishing mission like that.  
Beauty is in details. And those details don’t have to be beautiful.
Photos are often empty from people, without living presence. But man’s prints are all over the place.
Her photos remained me to the Italian surrealism movies, because of the something in their atmosphere.  Maybe coldness which speaks about need for warmness…

Mr Green’s (Yellow’s, Red’s ;) posts are essays about rainbow of topics – he writes about different countries and strange sides of their economies in everyday life (Cyprus, Slovakia…), about artists affected by law they had studied, about opulent cafes in Belgrade, about self-realization in graffiti culture in UK; we may read some interesting information about amygdala and find the anti-job advert. This post I liked the most  http://letterrevival-filthyfeetphotos.webnode.com/news/wanted%3a-fl%C3%A2neur-%28the-anti-job-advert%29/
Blogger’s language is beautiful, full of smart and funny metaphors.   

In the third part author is ‘promoting on this site the art of letter writing and of sending letters in envelopes decorated in a distinctive style’. He wants to bring us back to the some fine quality in the past – to the art of writing real letters, from the present with obvious lack of some virtues.

His writing style is fresh and his ideas are everyday discoveries.

Mr Green and Miss Photographer are sunny and light persons, so, take a deep glance in their blog. 


Lidija Lagrini said...

We're grateful for your interest in our escapades. Having not been reviewed before your words are a more than

pleasant surprise. I certainly enjoy your blog posts since you really let readers into your wide and sensitive

appreciation of rare, honest details. Long may your unpredictability continue!

The Peanut Society of Lucubrators blog can now also be accessed via our new entry page at

www.peanutluc.webnode.com. Our latest article is out now.

Yours with a mischievous bow,

Mr. Green

Martin G.
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The Peanut Society of Lucubrators blog
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