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While waiting for my morning drunken friends, I noticed a vintage second-hand-shop’s window. Came inside and said hello to the couple of nice rusty ladies. And then I saw them: the dolls! On the shelf were standing many of them, they covered the whole wall! Beautiful old type of dolls, tall and gorgeous, with curly hair (golden yellow or dark black), with big starring eyes, in colorful clothing – ball-dresses, country look, boyish style with a cap, city ladies…

They are so pretty, I have to buy one for Lenka! – crossed my mind. But I couldn't decide which one, it was so difficult to choose. So, I left the store, and the decision, for some of the following days.

After two days of nasty clubbing, I finally found a moment to go to the shop again and to choose the perfect doll.

But then, in my other visit, dolls look different to me. It’s a second-hand-store, so, they are not new and flawless. No matter how dazzling they seem, on each of them, something is missing. One has a little grey spot on a forehead, the other is without one shoe, third has nest in her hair, forth has a steam on a divine red dress…  

I am carefully looking and searching, but I can’t find one which suits me. I am leaving a store and feel a little bit sad for them. So gorgeous and special, but…

They are just like you and me. Everything is beautiful, but something is missing.  


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