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Concert of the cult band ‘Smak’.
In my opinion, that’s a real rock’n’roll classic. They played in original crew, with singer Boris. His voice is exactly the same as it used to be in youth and it’s really amazing to hear him in live concert. Tochak’s guitar sounds five times more powerful than in any recording. ‘Vizantijsko plavo’, ‘Zajdi zajdi’, just perfect.
They played all the famous songs as ‘People, it isn’t fair’, ‘Alo alo’, ‘Shumadian blues’… Just love them.

Book ‘Tekila’ by Polish writer, not known to me, Kshishtof Varga
That is true rock’n’roll book. Short, fast novel, with ‘killing’ way of expression.
Front man of the popular band has a bad hangover while carrying death coffin of guy from the band, the drummer. On that path, he is thinking and recalling different funny, meaningless and crazy memories from the life in a band… Sharp, clever, unpredictable. Recommendations;)

Crime comic book, in classical old-fashion style. She is a criminologist, faculty professor which is helping to the police. Not so bad if you don’t have anything better to do, but really – nothing special. Drawing is ok, and stories, but characters are not interesting enough. She doesn’t have interesting crazy helpers, or fatal lovers… Mark: * * *

‘Dylan Dog’ Episode: Rabbits hill
Cute story about the zombie-rabbits J I won’t write more spoilers. Dylan stays my favorite comic-book character, even if he is so popular that is considered more as a standard than something new and fresh. I am just emotionally attached to him. This episode is good, but I enjoy even in a bad ones. 


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