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That this country gone with a wind (better to use fraise from the movie than to use words in brown and black color), we all know so bloody well. But I still have a small need to describe it. Most of the people are moody, nervous, running to nowhere, yelling to the strangers, yelling to each other, paying with non-existing money, buying bunch of stupid things.
Usually, here is not very dangerous. But, sometimes is risky in night buses, when aggressive young people are using the situation when there is a bunch of them. They are not paying ticket, they talk and look ugly.
I am ignoring the whole country situation, I don’t have time for bullshit.
My world is made from – mind adventures, I really enjoy now in writing and writing, consuming books instead of TV, enjoying in meeting different nations, loving, taking photos, posing for the photos, busting my ass off in efforts for phd, ielts, learning, reading, searching for external phd funding, searching for alternative opportunities, keeping mail communication with all relevant people, saving money for the upcoming change, being busy and hardworking…
Besides that, now is the time for seduction and play.
We are the best only ones.
After that, we are just becoming better and better.
We exist now, in reality, beyond the dreams.   


Great party, music without a concept, I learnt making new cocktails and that Mensans are not as scary as they used to seem  when I was younger, now they are just very cool.  Lot of handsome interesting people (one much more than the others).
After 31.December the pressure vanishes. And that’s the good thing. Now I have lot of IELTS test to do, to translate ‘Oblici pripovedanja u pripovetkama D. Mihajlovica’, to prepare following promotions in Shumadia, to… And to have long walks and warm talks, and after that tea or boiled red wine in some cozy café and after that...


sara said...

Nice post about IELTS Writing Questions it is very important information for students

Lidija Lagrini said...

That IELTS seems not easy at all... But I know that I need it.

Lidija Lagrini said...

That IELTS seems not easy at all... But I know that I need it.

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