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I just watched classic episode of Dynasty: Blake and Steven are arguing about Steven being a gay and Blake is complaining to Medical comity’s decision that homosexuality is not a disease. And before the wedding, Crystal is sad because Blake is very rich, and she was grown up in small poor village, and she doesn't know how to deal with it.   :)    Precious. We had our “Dynasty names” in primary school. I think I was Claudia, crazy chick.
Great personal discovery: it’s possible to buy a jar of only white eurocream! My childhood dream.
Stickers about my book are now on corners of Amsterdam, and one copy of the book is being read in Paris at the moment. That makes me happy and chilled out ;)
About that other thing – I am trying to put it in some hidden corner of my mind. I wrote a dozen letters, but I won’t send neither.  
After a lot a lot a lot of sangria last night, I was sleeping till 5 pm.  And it’s dark again. I think I was drinking from sadness. Or the sangria was very good ;)
Belgrado under the snow. Amsterdam under the snow. Sadness under the snow. People under the snow.
I have sudden desire to live in Kisangani.


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