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After night full of cocktails, my mind is not very clear, but I am still fulfilling obligations, do official communication and blah blah blah.
I am living as a nomad. And that is a little bit odd situation. Everything is empty and free. You don’t have any kind of stability, nothing is certain. But you are like an energetic machine, you don’t lose time on irrelevant, you are focused, seductive and successful.
Few months ago, I met some great nomadic people. Willy was hitchhiking with his girlfriend with only tent and sleeping bags and few basic stuffs. When I asked – ‘Winter is coming soon, what will you do, how to hitchhike when it’s snowing?’, he told me – ‘We will go to Canary Islands and do some season jobs.’ And they are there now. But of course! That’s so simple.
People from Serbia should choose alternative ways of living; because the usual ones are not working here anymore.
The same should do people from rich capitalistic countries, when capitalism makes them spoiled and depressed.
Willy is my inspiration. Also Marina Abramovic.
I am exploring my own way. It’s not easy, but it’s fun. Promotions, TV shows, interviews, reviews… I am enjoying in various roles. Guesting on TV relaxes me. That’s strange, people usually feel the opposite. Applying for scientific job was very difficult and demanding; lot of researching work, spending time in libraries and on the internet.  But I did it. Now only calmness and patience are needed. Money for the plane ticket I saved ;)
I am without love in me, because someone succeeded to cross my line. I was fighting for love with lot of positive energy, understanding, calmness and passion. But, things just happened in some dark cold way without my influence. I am now stuck and broken. But people are not like vases. Even broken, they are continuing to shine.
Cold and sparkling day in Belgrado. 


maja anđelković said...

Lidija,odlicna si. Zivis onako kako vecina potajno zeli,ali nema hrabrosti.Super si!!

Lidija Lagrini said...

Hvala Majo :)

Lidija Lagrini said...
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