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Ok, let’s do Belgrade, in a small dose. He’s the same; maybe I am a little bit different.
It’s very hot here, still. Sun makes me sleepy.
Playing with a baby, seeing lot of friends, having funny communication, thinking about A’dam (keeping the habits in a tram and on the crossroads), walking, cycling (hm, feeling like a kaskader while cycling in a Belgrade center)…
Attended great party in Brod and saw many old friends, mhmmm, love couchsurfing, also love gay people (in A’dam are gentle, here a little bit extreme). Watched fascinating silent Japanese movie Naked Island… Kinoteka is special place.
There are always lot of nice stuff to do in Belgrade and great new people to meet.
I think that I am living a little bit in my head right now… I am not really participating. Pain is vivid. And memories. Feeling strange, like in a Doors’ song.
But… Mhmmm. Expecting a book. Soon, very very soon. Thinking about promotions in clubs…
Miss so much Amsterdam friends and building a path to see them again soon.
I am happy when Belgrade and Amsterdam are look alike. In A’dam on the street I got one “I love you” from the stranger and here “Svidjas mu se – he likes you” from construction worker;)
Weather is perfect and fulfilling, for cycling, for writing, for hanging out and having weird conversations.
I met some interesting people; among them one controversial Albanian guy from Prishtina and some gentle Germans. I was really happy meeting an Albanian, because that didn’t happen for a long long time. I think generally for the German guys that they are little bit reserved and shy. I consider it refreshing.  
When you live abroad (me not yet, but anyway), your own town looks different/better to you...


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