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4am. After a tough day in tough period, some nervous looks and not very good communication, I am happy to be sleeping.
Alarm clock starts to beep. And beeping and beeping!
I don’t think about the fire, because, obviously, nothing is burning in a room or somewhere near.
I am climbing to the sink to reach the alarm. Putting my hand on it and it stops.
Ok, maybe that’s a mistake, it happened ones when I was frying bread on aluminum foil. 
After a five minutes – beeping again! Mm, no, I was so nervous and just wanted a good sleep… The same procedure, half sleepy, I am trying not to fall down.
From 4am till 8am, at least 15 times, alarm clock was beeping like someone is putting a sound needle in your brain.
Night idea - I switched of the fuses. Finally, that should give me some peace and sleep.
But at 8am – the damn thing is howling again! How is it even possible…
Next morning, in a fear from new alarm, called technical support of the building and they promised me their help if night horror repeats.
The whole night, I didn’t think not even for a minute that there is maybe a fire somewhere in a room.
And maybe the alarm sensed big strong fire – the fire in my heart.
Alarm understood me.


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