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13. August
Even if you are feeling blue someday, streets of Amsterdam could bring back smile on your face. You see gay club called Church, or crazy dressed people, or fancy artistic toilet with handsome guy charging the tickets, or stranger tells you “I love you”…
Today I found out which kind of people here is good for me and which isn’t. Some people haven’t heard for Van Gogh, James Dean, Jim Morrison, they prefer super superficial chit-chat … But they have money to travel all around the world, to distant and exotic destinations and their English is better than mine…
I had strange night event with fire alarm. Without any reason, that monster was beeping at least 15 times from 4 till 8 am. In this empty building, nobody noticed anything. I felt as in Korean horror movie;)
Saw impressionists in Hermitage. If I ignore the fact that one grumpy guardian throw me out because of my rucksack, Monet was fabulous. Monet is always dreamy, fantastic, intoxicating… Sure, others are very attractive and tempting, too. Those impressionists really knew how to charm the audience (even unconsciously).
Resume of best museums: Van Gogh, Hermitage, Eye basement. Also, museum card is useful when you need a toilet;)
And, yeahJ I proposed to someone. He told me to write it down, so I am. It was funJ
Had a little picnic in Flevopark. Then we went to Budhuis, because it started to be chilly near the water. Budhuis is nice, cozy place, with blond, tall locals. (My area is not very touristic and that’s nice)  
Spend a day with a nice Peruvian girl. We visited some touristic stuff and then went in to a search for the perfect mushrooms. Eventually, we concluded that we are more weed-types.
Last night movie in Deslang “The swimmer”, psyho-triller  with Burt Lancaster. Amazing work! Very weird story about breaking the American dream. He looks good in swimming trunks, in his 50s. Yes, I had few flash-backs.  
I need to focus on writing project plan for my PHD topic. And to choose one, because I have 12 interesting topics. And my thoughts are wandering all over the town… I don’t really care right now about Problem of individual and national identity blah blah…. But…
Such a beautiful day in A’dam, and lot of fires and waters in my heart.  


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