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4. August 2012.
So, let's see what we had till now. If I don’t write down soon, I’ll forget something.
Yesterday I was on Kwakoe festival, outside the Amsterdam center, near Arena (Ajax stadium). That is simple festival, different from numerous events in main part of Amsterdam. It’s Suriname’s ethnical event with Suriname’s food (roti, bara…), drinks, music and dance. We drank a national beer called ‘barbo’ (or something like that) and ate bara chicken. It’s very tasteful, but I have stomach problem now, as often since I am i A’dam.  
Most of the food here is delicious, but strong and spicy.
The first part of the day (4. August) I spend with bunch of couchsurfers on great place for watching the parade – bridge on the corner of Prinsengracht and Prinsenstraat (where is also great CS cafe Vergulde Gaper), one of my favorite spots.
Gay Pride was amazing! I had tears in my eyes for Turkish boat and 50+ boat and so many others… I was moved and wandering why simple joy and protest against discrimination is not possible where I live (lived?)
Dutch old guy next to me comforted me when it rained and saved my place when I had to go (beers, beers). I love the way Dutch people communicate! It’s enough that you just smile to someone, and you will get from him any story you want.
I left that great view (after lot of beautiful pictures) and left my CS friend, I hope she wasn't upset, to meet some other friends. And went with one great guy to Kwakoe.  

August 6, 2012
Little bit of blogging, in pause of learning omdat effect.
I forgot to add that I was traveling with public transportation twice without checking a ticket. My ambition is to become more cool and to do that more often;)
Went to home dinner with couchsurfers, Mexican food, I think tahitas.  I was depressed and silent. (Because... )
Today, Bible museum. Very interesting treatment of the subject. Sometimes it’s not important what is museum about, but if the concept of presentation is creative or not. (That’s the reason why my favorite Belgrade museum is Museum of applied arts)
Didn’t have luck with a bicycle yet L It seems that I will be walking this August in Amsterdam. But that’s OK, my arse will look better than ever.
Beginning of academic effort (I finally pressured myself to think and act in that direction instead of searching fun all around). And got a support on the beginning J
Yeah yeah yeah bought a bike bought a bike!
My arse is already fabulous J
I went by bike till Waterloplein and also back in the middle of the night J That’s cool way of transport, but it’s better not to be very stoned or drank; people here are used to it.
Saw Ana Frank’s house. Said place. I actually went because I teach about it in school. Huge huge line, but museum – really nothing special. No Ana’s personal objects, except the diary. But of course – that space is emitting special dark atmosphere and you can imagine how they felt being still and quiet during the whole day, because it was necessary that no one hears them.
Spend the evening in beautiful Deslang squat! That place has so good ambient and energy! 
I think that I have few light friends now – guy for watching movies, guy who knows good weed and who was very supportive when I was feeling bad, great guy for various events, charming journalist, I hope I’ll have time to get to know him better, some positive CS people… Besides that, here so many guys want to flirt with me, even if I wear no makeup and I am dressed as a cyclist with red rucksack on my back. I don’t know what’s the trick ;) But I guess, people here just flirt a lot.  
Before projection, man from squat (I guess maybe some alternative director) who is in charge for choosing movies, was criticizing the Eye. And I could agree with him in something. That supposed to be film museum, with artistic movies. And instead of that they are showing blockbusters and the only way of paying is with credit card. I think he would love our Kinoteka in Belgrade, so artistic and non fancy. All though, Eye building is impressive. Museum in a basement is powerful in a technical way and then you may watch old artistic movies, with your love, or with your ex love, or with CS friend. Fortunately, Amsterdam has squats.
On Dam, I saw interesting scene, so amsterdamish. In one part of the square there was group of protesters against the occupation of Tibet. They were sitting in a circle and singing meditative songs. But, it was difficult to hear them, because the other part of square was possessed by entertainers, not very interesting, with loud music. Public chose the other event, not paying attention on Tibet protesters. But, when entertainers finished their act, the crowd went to see what is going on at the other side, taking photos etc. Tourists ;) And that’s Amsterdam – everything happens at once and intensively…    


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