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Film based on the novel of the same name by Don DeLilo
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I like film Kosmopolis because I love DeLilo. I love everything he wrote. On my eternal list of authors, Thomas Man is on a first place and the following nine places are empty. But I am seriously thinking now to put Don DeLilo on a second place. His sentences are beautiful, his literary world is different, brave and humane. His discourse is elusive.
English language in a novel and in a movie is complex and it’s difficult, if you are not a native speaker, to follow the story, without English subtitle. It’s perfect to improve lexical knowledge.    
Film is relaying in a great extent on a book. The book got one of the possible visualizations.

Tarantino’s film
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Hm, a Hollywood is only a Hollywood and I mean it in a very negative way. It rarely goes beyond its cliches. When I watch Hollywood movie, that is rare exception. 
Tarantino ones made a great movie – ‘Pulp Fiction’, and after that maybe ‘4 rooms’ isn't bad.
But latest pieces of art, including ‘Django Unchained’ are pretty much under this director’s talent. I suppose that he chose pragmatism over the art. Some people just do that, in some sensitive period of their life, without good reason. And they abandon their own desires and dreams. Just let them go.
There is a lot of violence in a movie, but that's often funny, like in a cartoons. I like it. 
Anyway… ‘Django’ is not a bad movie. It has some impressive scenes, colorful and beautiful. Samuel L. Jackson acting is superb and Leonardo de Caprio is very good as we used from him. Story is too simple and lame, like somebody was lazy to work on it.   

Paul Verhoeven’s film
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Verhoeven is almost my new Bergman, but almost. After great ‘Turkish Delight’ I think that I like this film even better. He deliberately chose 15th century for the movie events, because then, human being was mostly – flesh and blood. It was normal and regularly to kill, to cut body parts, to rape… To treat the body like it is nothing special, almost as an object. Soul existed, but it was hidden. As like the people repressed it somewhere, because they wanted to be highly successful in war and to give their maximum. Soul would only be an obstacle  so they put it aside. Young Jennifer Jason Li is gorgeous and Rutger Hauer always is. I like Verhoeven’s sharpness, sarcasm, braveness… He shows a bare ugly truth and do not make any compromises.  


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