GREYSTORM - comic book

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Greystorm – comic book
Script: Antonio Serra, Drawings: various authors
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I’m always very happy when I discover new comic book serial. And this is the good one.
Episodes: The South Pole, The Downfall Of The Iron Cloud, Death On The Island, Secret Of The Mummy.
Drawers are A. Bignamini, M. Zanella, S. Denna, S. Korbeta. Bigger part of this crew are girls and they really did fantastic job. Styles are very similar and the main impression is that the serial is work of one person.
Drawing is very dynamic and full of speed and movement – great style for action adventure comic.
Serial is based on some real historical events and also on some urban legends, presented, of course, with lot of imagination and fantasy. Main character is Greystorm, brilliant scientist, innovator and adventurist. He is not typical hero, there is lot of darkness inside him; he is unhappy in love and strange with people. Other characters are interesting – beautiful tribal shaman EleEle, Dzejson – Greystorm’s best friend opposite by character – calm and mild and many episodists. In their expedition they are discovering hidden island, kind of heaven on Earth. After a long while, the whole ship crew decides to stay there and to ignore the first ship which passed near the island after a year. The only one who chooses return to London is Greystorm. Authors of the comic book serial obviously are supporters of wild and natural life, distant from civilisation.
Serial is interesting also for showing lot of inventions and discoveries, because the main character and his friends are mostly scientists. “The Iron Cloud” is fantasy vehicle – zeppelin outside and light ship inside. The time when the stories are happening is late 18th and early 19th century. Then, the world is new, young, and open for improvements. Or maybe – improvements will unavoidably spoil the world.
Great stories, good characters and above all – amazing drawings are the reasons for giving this serial five stars.


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