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Excerpt from the novel BODY DARKNESS TABOO

One hot hot summer afternoon in a full swing, Una had a thought: “It seems that I am rushing towards death.”
Indeed, she was doing everything fast. As time went by, the speed was only getting bigger.
She was having lot of experiences, loudly and intensively. Falling in love, being loved, banging, crashing, wandering, and breaking up, more than average person could handle in a life time. The main wasn’t sexual promiscuity; the focus was more on emotional promiscuity. Is it possible to love for a hundred times? She managed it.
And all the rest. She was in a hurry to travel as much as possible. Like there isn’t enough time…
To write down many pieces. To learn to cook macrobiotic dishes, ride motorcycle, French, Belorussian, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Php…, to learn to live.
Even if you are fast, the art of living is not guaranteed. The speed doesn’t make lot of difference.
Who knows if she will learn to live, till it lasts. 


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